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An innovative corner solution for LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®


Introducing the LYSAGHT CUSTOMFLOW™ cladding solution

Available exclusively in Victoria, LYSAGHT CUSTOMFLOW® combines LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® corrugated cladding with the unique FormFlow® C90™ corner cladding to deliver a refined finish to corrugated clad buildings.

What is the FORMFLOW® C90™ corner cladding

FormFlow® C90™ corner cladding features a 90-degree angle corrugated corner section, formed from a single corrugated sheet using a unique, patented bending technology. Drawing inspiration from both the art of origami and the geometric study of developable surfaces, the solution delivers a smooth transition between corrugated sheet sections at building corners and other right-angled junctions.

Peace of mind, with the LYSAGHT design advantage

With the continuous finish delivered by FORMFLOW® C90™ corners, your structure may not only be more energy efficient but may also assist in managing a number of situational & environmental factors, delivering potential ongoing maintenance benefits.

And being patent protected globally, you can be rest assured that when choosing either the complete LYSAGHT CUSTOMFLOW® cladding solution, or just FormFlow® C90™ cornered cladding, there is no risk of being supplied inferior competitive look-alike products.

CUSTOMFLOW® C90™ receives the Best in Class Accolade for Hardware and Building in the Product Design category in The Australian Good Design Awards

The Australian Good Design Awards is the country’s oldest and most prestigious international awards for design and innovation and celebrates the best new products and services on the Australian and international market.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented:

“This is a great use of material that will reduce construction time, finishing and extend the life of joints and structures. It's an innovative product with many potential applications due to its unique aesthetic and structural properties. Overall, the product is elegant and deceptively simple and worthy of the highest level of recognition in this category.”

Your design, your choice

Choose from the full range of COLORBOND® steel finishes and colours, along with unpainted ZINCALUME® steel.


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LYSAGHT Custom Orb®

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FORMFLOW® C90™ corners are the seamless corner solution for LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®.

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