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Suitable for a wide range of applications including racking, walkways and platforms, INTERLOK® combines strength and light weight with the corrosion protection of galvanising to provide a long life, slip resistant deck.

  • Available in two profiles, two thicknesses and two surfaces and is nominally 225mm wide
  • Slots provide an open area to allow easy cleaning
  • Simple installation without welding
  • Stair Treads also available

Technical Specifications


INTERLOK® II grating is available in two profiles, two thicknesses and two surfaces, and is nominally 225 mm wide.

The MF (male/female) profile is used for most applications, as the male and female legs are designed to inter-lock adjacent lengths of grating. The DM (double male) profile is used for stair treads and as a closer to provide a neat finished edge to an INTERLOK® II platform or walkway.

INTERLOK® II Regular has a surface of stiffened transverse ribs and is ideally suited for general access and any nonhazardous application where the decking cannot become slippery due to oil, water, etc. This includes such applications as interior walkways and platforms, mezzanine floors, shelving in high density storage systems, please view our page LYSAGHT INTERLOK® II Storage Systems.

INTERLOK® II Anti-skid has teeth formed in the transverse ribs in a special pattern which provides extra grip in all directions. These teeth ensure added safety when oil, grease, water, sap, mud, etc may make the grating slippery. Tests with a number of shoe sole materials have shown that INTERLOK® II Anti-skid provides excellent grip in most hazardous conditions.

INTERLOK® II Stair Treads offer all the advantages of INTERLOK® II grating including quick and easy installation. For product information and dimensions, please view our page Use LYSAGHT INTERLOK® II for Stair Treads.

INTERLOK® II Ramps LYSAGHT INTERLOK® II is suitable for use on sloped walkways or ramps constructed in accordance with AS 1657. Not only is INTERLOK® II grating easy to assemble, its light weight also makes it easy to handle on site. Stock lengths of six metres are readily carried and placed by one man. When necessary, INTERLOK® II can also be simply dismantled and reassembled. Ramps up to 7° slope may be decked with INTERLOK® II Regular. INTERLOK® II Anti-skid may be used where cleated ramps are normally required, ie up to 20° slope. However, to ensure adequate grip across full width of such ramps, the grating must be laid transverse to the direction of travel.


Stock length is 6 metres (6073mm). However, custom-cut lengths from 0.5m to 12m are available on order, with lead times subject to production schedules.

As LYSAGHT INTERLOK® II is cut at every fourth rib, actually lengths must be multiples of 152.8mm.

The minimum custom-cut length is 5309mm and maximum is 12033mm (see table).

Lengths required less than 5309mm can be supplied on a cut back basis and will incur a cutting charge per length. Cut back lengths are in slot spacing increments of 38.2mm.

5309 6685 8060 9435 10810
5462 6837 8213 9588 10963
5615 6990 8265 9741 11116
5768 7143 8518 9893 11269
5921 7296 8671 10046 11421
6073 7449 8824 10199 11574
6226 7601 8977 10352 11727
6379 7754 9129 10505 11880
6532 7907 9282 10657 12033

Note: Length highlighted in bold is stock length.


Depth: ±1 mm
Width: +0-2 mm
(Less than 3m): +0-4 mm
(Over 3m): +0-6 mm

Material Specification

LYSAGHT INTERLOK® II is made from ZINCFORM® steel conforming to AS 1397: Zinc-coated and Aluminium/Zinc-coated Steel Sheet, grade G300-Z450 (300 MPa minimum yield stress). Note: All accessories have a coating mass of Z275. Where used in extremely aggressive environments, a thicker coating mass should be considered (subject to enquiry).


t Mass Unit Area A1 A2 B1 B2
(mm) kg/m kg/m2 mm mm mm mm
G06512 1.2 3.8 16.9 63 65 15 20
G06520 2.0 6.3 27.8 64 66 16 21

NCC of Australia Compliance

LYSAGHT® products comply with the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC).


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