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An extremely flexible fascia guttering system featuring concealed fixing for greater durability, longer life and compatibility with both steel and tile roofs.

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Gutter is available slotted or unslotted, Please check your local branch for availability
  • Concealed fixing offers clean and seamless finish
  • Complete range of guttering accessories available
  • SHEERLINE® Gutter with Return is available in NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS and WA, whilst SHEERLINE® Gutter without Return is available in SA. Please check your local branch for availability

Technical Specifications


SHEERLINE® Gutter with return – typical profile

SHEERLINE® Gutter without return – typical profile

X Y Z Available in
mm mm mm
SHEERLINE® Gutter with Return 81 124 141 NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS
SHEERLINE® Gutter with Return 83 127 140 WA
SHEERLINE® Gutter without Return 72.5 124 141 SA


Guttering & fascia are supplied custom cut to length. Minimum and maximum lengths apply. Please contact your nearest LYSAGHT® office for your region for more information.

Roof Drainage Capacity

Roof drainage systems should be designed and detailed by a suitably qualified trade or professional in accordance with the BCA and the Australian Standards. Particular reference should be made to the correct sizing of gutter; quantity and placement of downpipes; and the provision of appropriate overflow devices. In the design and detailing of a roof drainage system, consideration must be given to a range of factors such as:
  • rainfall intensity
  • roof catchment area
  • gutter size/capacity
  • gutter fall
  • gutter outlets (sumps, rain heads, nozzles)
  • downpipe size, quantity and placement
  • overflow consideration
  • material selection and
  • jointing
View information on the design of roof drainage systems in the brochure for your state

NCC of Australia Compliance

LYSAGHT® products comply with the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC).


User Guides & Manuals

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions New South Wales Guide PDF(3.56 MB). Last updated 2 Jul 2019

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions South Australia Guide PDF(3 MB). Last updated 27 Sep 2019

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions Victoria/Tasmania Guide PDF(1.62 MB). Last updated 27 May 2019

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions Western Australia Guide PDF(2.61 MB). Last updated 2 Jul 2019


New South Wales & ACT
Northern Territory
Not Available
Not Available
South Australia
Not Available

Colour Range


  1. Basalt®
  2. Classic Cream™
  3. Cottage Green®
  4. Cove®
  5. Deep Ocean®
  6. Dune®
  7. Evening Haze®
  8. Gully®
  9. Ironstone®
  10. Jasper®
  11. Mangrove®
  12. Manor Red®
  13. Monument®
  14. Night Sky®
  15. Pale Eucalypt®
  16. Paperbark®
  17. Shale Grey™
  18. Surfmist®
  19. Terrain®
  20. Wallaby®
  21. Windspray®
  22. Woodland Grey®

Unpainted Steel Range

  1. ZINCALUME® steel


Pricing for all our products varies based on availability and quantity.


Phone (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM AEST/AEDT):

1800 641 417