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06 / November / 2023
The Art of Endurance: Discover the Seascape Project's Signature Material

Embracing the challenge of Australia's rugged coast, the Seascape project stands as a testament to enduring design and material excellence. A central player in this architectural symphony is the Lysaght CUSTOM ORB® steel, a material not only chosen for its resilience but for the artistic dialogue it establishes with the ever-changing lights of the day.

Durability Meets Design:

"LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® steel is a wonderful product to use when you face harsh exterior weather conditions," says one of the architects behind the Seascape project. It's a selection driven by longevity, assuring that homeowners "will be able to keep it here for many years without fear of rusting or weathering in this environment."

As professionals who lay the bricks of tomorrow, architects seek materials that stand the test of time. With CUSTOM ORB® steel, they install confidence into each home, knowing it will gracefully weather the coastal challenges.

Ease of Installation:

The ease of installation is where CUSTOM ORB® really shines. It empowers builders to act independently, efficiently cladding a home without the necessity for numerous trades. This streamlined process not only saves time but proves to be "one of the most cost-effective claddings that you can install on a project."

Maintenance-Free Living:

The COLORBOND® steel finish of CUSTOM ORB® is celebrated for its zero maintenance requirement, allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty without the burden. "It has a COLORBOND® finish to it that requires low maintenance," the architects highlight, underscoring the practical allure of the product.

Aesthetic Versatility:

"We love the reflection, the depth, and the tone that this product gives us," says the Seascape project's architect. The dynamism of CUSTOM ORB® steel is showcased as it dances with the diurnal rhythm — "It changes during the day as the sun sets," offering "deeper depth to the facade" and greeting the dawn with a "lighter tone to the COLORBOND® Monument® finish."

This interplay of light and material creates a living facade, one that offers a new story with each sunrise and a quiet reflection with each sunset, resonating deeply with those who seek a home with character.

In the Heart of Victoria:

The admiration for CUSTOM ORB® steel echoes across the state. "And that's why I love using LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® steel," admits the architect, and this sentiment is mirrored in the numerous projects across Victoria where it is featured prominently.


Highlighted in Australia ByDesign Architecture series 6, the Seascape project stands as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how thoughtful material choice like LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® steel can create homes that are not only durable and cost-effective but also deeply connected to the aesthetic heartbeat of their environment.

The Seascape project isn't just a structure; it's a dialogue between environment and architecture, mediated by the robust, versatile, and stunning LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® steel. It's a narrative we at Lysaght are proud to be a part of, and we invite homeowners to write their own stories with us, one steel sheet at a time.