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The LYSAGHT® website aims to provide valuable product and service information and Lysaght appreciates the assistance it gives our customer partners in sharing product detail to their clients. For this reason, Lysaght is happy to allow links to the LYSAGHT® website provided all sites requiring a link are compliant with the following guidelines:

  • The Lysaght owned LYSAGHT® product brand and trademarks must always be used as an active link to the appropriate section within the Lysaght website
  • The Internet site must not contain any material that will subject BlueScope to an action for defamation and that is not in conformity with accepted standards of public decency and good taste.
  • Positioning of the LYSAGHT® brand and associated trademarks is at the discretion of the Internet publisher; however, no other steel brands, person or entity shall appear in close proximity of it.
  • It is the responsibility of your website owner to maintain links to the LYSAGHT® website. Lysaght reserves the right to amend web addresses and content as required without notification to website owners for pages that link to our website.
  • The LYSAGHT® product brand must only be used in the form in which it is provided - that is: shape and colours. It must not be altered, imitated, copied, reproduced, amended, re-drawn, distorted, animated or tampered with in any way. It should also not be used in a manner which gives the impression that any person, organisation or event is in any way related to, sponsored by or affiliated with Lysaght.
  • If the copyright or trade mark symbols appear beside a brand they must be retained.
  • BlueScope reserves the right to review use of any of the BlueScope Brands and links. All third parties must correct any inadequacy in their use of any of the BlueScope Brands upon reasonable notice from BlueScope. Refusal to correct such inadequacies could result in BlueScope stating that you can no longer use any of the brands without permission and you may be requested to stop using them. BlueScope reserves the right to request the removal of the brand at any time.

For details on correct usage of our brands see our pages on Logo & Trademark Usage

To seek approval for links to our website please speak with your Account Manager or Contact Us.