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18 / January / 2018
South of Brisbane’s CBD

When a striking 3-storey Victorian mansion in Queensland was struck by a hailstorm and required like-for-like roof replacement, Lysaght’s rollforming expertise was called on to supply LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ cladding from the new premium ZENITH™ range - and several other custom components – to restore the roof to its former heritage glory.
Situated on a sloping waterfront property within a sweeping loop of the Brisbane River, just south of Brisbane’s CBD, Nareke Manor is a breathtaking example of Victorian architecture and perhaps as close as it comes to the definition of ‘your home being your castle’.

Which made it rather appropriate that Euroclad, a specialist roofing and wall cladding company based in the Gold Coast suburb of Arundel - named for the home of a famed English castle - were chosen for the challenging task of re-roofing this grand dame of Australian architecture.

With heritage-inspired LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ cladding considered the perfect replacement profile and unpainted 0.55 BMT ZINCALUME® steel the ideal material, Euroclad’s Director, Nathan Pilkington, contacted the nearby Lysaght Biggera Waters branch to supply the premium profile and also the custom valleys and ridges which were needed to recreate the original, and rather complex, roof.

“I’ve known and worked with Zelko Nagy, the manager of Lysaght’s Biggera Waters branch, since 2008,” Nathan said. “Euroclad manufactures roofing and cladding from a range of materials, but recently I’d been talking to Zelko about steel supply in various coil sizes and so forth, so when it came to this project and the specific need for the LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ profile and associated rainwater goods, I knew we could get what we needed from Lysaght.”

Speaking to Zelko Nagy, you quickly see just how comprehensive Lysaght’s support for Euroclad turned out to be.

“The primary task was matching the original profile, in the four metre sheet lengths Euroclad required,” Zelko explained. “Interestingly, the original profile comprised three ribs with two pans, whereas the LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ profile is generally offered as two ribs with a single pan.

“We worked intensively with our facility in South Australia, who manufacture the LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ profile, and did produce a three rib/two pan version suitable for lengths up to three metres; however the performance and integrity of that profile couldn’t be assured in the longer four metre lengths, so we discussed this with Euroclad and it was decided best to supply the LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ profile in the standard two rib/single pan form.

“At the same time, we were also tasked with supplying custom ridges and valleys to match those of the original roof. The valley was very unusual in that it had a roll in the bottom of the profile; I have never seen or supplied one before and I’ve been with Lysaght for 27 years,” Zelko continued.

“Lysaght produces an extensive range of ridges and valleys, however this was also outside the ordinary so we turned to our network of specialist manufacturing centres, who are very good at producing custom items, to ensure we could supply exactly what Euroclad needed on this project.”

Talking further with Nathan Pilkington, it’s clear that the support Lysaght provided to Euroclad was very much appreciated.

“I supplied photos and measurements of the job to Zelko and he had the sample valleys and ridges produced to match them. From providing those, to working to supply the LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ profile as needed, Lysaght have been very helpful with the whole process,” he said.

“We’re very happy with Lysaght, and particularly with Zelko and the way he’s helped out; he and the Lysaght team have been really informative and helpful and always followed up along the way, which has been good, so we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

One of five European-inspired profiles available in Lysaght’s new ZENITH™ premium range, the LYSAGHT BAROQUE™ profile features wide, flat pans defined by generous semi-circular ribs to deliver a unique visual character which sits easily with both traditional and contemporary architecture.

The LYSAGHT ZENITH™ range is available in unpainted ZINCALUME ® steel, the contemporary COLORBOND® steel colour range, the superb COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour range and the expansive colour array of the LYSAGHT YOURCOLOR™ custom colour offer.

Profiles in the LYSAGHT ZENITH™ range can also be produced from premium 0.55 BMT Galvanized Z600 steel where the project is Heritage Listed and/or needs to comply with the exacting specifications of a Heritage Council.

South of Brisbane’s CBD