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A classic guttering design that is suited to both new homes or for replacing an existing gutter. Compatible with both steel and tile roofs making this gutter and ideal choice for your home.

  • Compatible with NOVALINE® Fascia System
  • Gutter is available slotted or unslotted. Please check your local branch for availability
  • Available in a range of widths appropriate for the rainfall level in your region
  • Complete range of guttering accessories available

Technical Specifications


QUAD Hi-Front - typical profile

QUAD Lo-Front & 175 - typical profile

QUAD Square Bead

X Y Z Available in
mm mm mm
QUAD 115 Hi-Front 62 115 90 QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA
QUAD 150 Hi -Front 62 150 90 QLD
QUAD 115 Lo-Front 65 115 70 NSW, ACT
QUAD 150 Lo-Front 78 150 74 QLD
QUAD 175 103 175 97 QLD
QUAD Square Bead 65 115 100 WA


Guttering & fascia are supplied custom cut to length. Minimum and maximum lengths apply. Please contact your nearest LYSAGHT® office for your region for more information.

Roof Drainage Capacity

Roof drainage systems should be designed and detailed by a suitably qualified trade or professional in accordance with the BCA and the Australian Standards. Particular reference should be made to the correct sizing of gutter; quantity and placement of downpipes; and the provision of appropriate overflow devices.

In the design and detailing of a roof drainage system, consideration must be given to a range of factors such as:

  • rainfall intensity
  • roof catchment area
  • gutter size/capacity
  • gutter fall
  • gutter outlets (sumps, rain heads, nozzles)
  • downpipe size, quantity and placement
  • overflow consideration
  • material selection and
  • jointing

View information on the design of roof drainage systems in the brochure for your state

NCC of Australia Compliance

LYSAGHT® products comply with the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC).


User Guides & Manuals

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions New South Wales Guide PDF(3.56 MB). Last updated 2 Jul 2019

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions Queensland Guide PDF(2.08 MB). Last updated 2 Jul 2019

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions South Australia Guide PDF(3.23 MB). Last updated 28 Feb 2022

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions Victoria/Tasmania Guide PDF(1.62 MB). Last updated 27 May 2019

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions Western Australia Guide PDF(2.61 MB). Last updated 2 Jul 2019

LYSAGHT® Gutter Overflow Solutions for Timber Fascia PDF(746.57 KB). Last updated 27 May 2019

LYSAGHT® Spacer Insert Flyer PDF(587.86 KB). Last updated 26 Nov 2018

LYSAGHT® Spacer Insert Flyer (VIC) PDF(587.65 KB). Last updated 26 Nov 2018

LYSAGHT® Spacer Insert Guide (QLD) PDF(631.38 KB). Last updated 12 Feb 2019

LYSAGHT® Spacer Insert Guide (SA) PDF(633.31 KB). Last updated 12 Feb 2019


New South Wales & ACT
Northern Territory
Not Available
South Australia
Not Available

Colour Range


  1. Basalt®
  2. Classic Cream™
  3. Cottage Green®
  4. Cove®
  5. Deep Ocean®
  6. Dune®
  7. Evening Haze®
  8. Gully®
  9. Ironstone®
  10. Jasper®
  11. Mangrove®
  12. Manor Red®
  13. Monument®
  14. Night Sky®
  15. Pale Eucalypt®
  16. Paperbark®
  17. Shale Grey™
  18. Surfmist®
  19. Terrain®
  20. Wallaby®
  21. Windspray®
  22. Woodland Grey®


  1. Dune®
  2. Monument®
  3. Surfmist®
  4. Wallaby®
  5. Windspray®
  6. Woodland Grey®


  1. Basalt®
  2. Dune®
  3. Monument®
  4. Shale Grey™
  5. Surfmist®

Unpainted Steel Range

  1. ZINCALUME® steel

COLORBOND® steel Studio Library

COLORBOND® steel Studio enables you to browse over 200 COLORBOND® steel colours. Search by RGB or HEX colour values or DULUX or RAL colour names to return the closest match from over 200 available colours.

The COLORBOND® steel colour swatches shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours and finish as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones and finish. All colours & finishes may not be available in all regions or for all profiles. To determine the most suitable material for your project, please contact your supplier or


Pricing for all our products varies based on availability and quantity.


Phone (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM AEST/AEDT):

1800 641 417

100 Years Celebration

LYSAGHT® products have been made in Australia for 100 years.