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06 / July / 2017


The vibrant new Senior Years and Science Centre at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Plenty Campus, aptly named The Round, has made a dramatic visual addition to the Campus grounds - clad as it is in boldly-ribbed LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305® - and a dramatic difference to the students who utilise it.  

Designed by award-winning Melbourne architects McBride Charles Ryan (MCR), and stunning in its visual intricacy and exciting detail, the creation of The Round was underpinned by the vision that it would provide the ideal transitional environment for Ivanhoe Grammar’s senior students as they moved beyond secondary to tertiary schooling, along with an exemplary science facility for the whole school.  

Incorporating design features which reflect the contemporary tertiary settings that senior students will soon encounter, The Round features 10 new classrooms including breakout and private study areas, three specialist Senior Years Science laboratories – including Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories – as well as a Primary and a Middle Years laboratory.  

 “It has been wonderful to see our students and staff using The Round in a myriad of ways,” Deputy Principal and Head of Plenty Campus, Mrs Deborah Sukarna, said. “From biology classes in the new cutting-edge Science precinct to impromptu concerts in the courtyard, The Round truly has something for everyone.”  

“With interconnected learning spaces, plus classroom design and new technology which engages our students in innovative learning, it valuably connects students with the exciting educational environment they will experience in their life beyond Ivanhoe.”  

The building also incorporates many sustainable features including double glazing throughout, timber fins for sun shading, substantial insulation, a regulated air-conditioning system, and remotely monitored energy usage to ensure energy efficiency. 

Additionally, rainwater from the LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® roof is collected and stored in a large underground tank and recycled for toilet flushing. With its excellent water-carrying characteristics, LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® was ideal in this role and was also chosen by MCR as it was economical, robust, easily sourced and quick to construct - while still being aesthetically pleasing.   

Indeed, great thought and consideration went into every last detail of this very special building – including specification of LONGLINE 305® in the COLORBOND® steel colour Night Sky® as the cladding of choice - when Debbie Ryan and Robert McBride, Principals of MCR, turned their formidable architectural abilities to creating the exciting new learning centre.  

“The materials chosen were intended to be robust and not reliant on regular maintenance regimes,” Debbie and Robert explained. “LONGLINE 305® delivered those qualities but was also specified for its crisp profile, verticality and ability to bend around a curve, expressing the drum outer shell of The Round.”
“Basically we utilised it in the outer vertical cladding of the drum for its robustness and aesthetic appeal, as well as the fact it worked with the curvature of the building and the vertical black ribbing of the LONGLINE 305® compliments the vertical spotted gum timber fins.”  

“Used as a wall cladding in combination with timber and planting, and in a circular form rather than the typical rectangular shed structure, the dark LONGLINE 305® not only reflects the natural Australian landscape but also is a perfect foil, opening as it does onto the rich mosaic of colour on The Round’s interior,” they concluded.  

Like all who have seen the stunning structure, Russ Hogan, BlueScope Building Components Business Development Manager - C&I (VIC), is greatly impressed by the MCR design and declared The Round simply “magnificent”.  

At the same time, he wasn’t at all surprised by MCR’s choice of LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305®, knowing as he does the popularity of the dramatic profile with architects.   

“LONGLINE 305® is the number one profile that architects request additional information on – in fact 50% of all my calls are about LONGLINE 305®,” Russ said. “It is the most self-advertised of our product range and I put it forward on a regular basis because it is the profile that other people will see and say “I want that profile...I want to learn more about that profile!”. 
“That’s exactly what has happened with The Round, which I believe MCR created with LONGLINE 305® in mind; since that project was completed I’ve had other architects tell me they want that look – that same dramatic look.”  

In addition to great aesthetic appeal, LYSAGHT LONGLINE305® also offers other important benefits, as Russ Hogan pointed out.  

“LONGLINE 305® when used as a facade can be very cost-effective when compared to other cladding products which often require additional materials such as plywood to be used beneath them,” he explained. “Additionally, resistance to fire has been a recent discussion within architectural circles after an aluminium composite facade was ignited by a cigarette on the Lacrosse Docklands project.”  

“LONGLINE 305® has ignitability Index of zero, dramatic visual appeal and is extremely weathertight thanks to the concealed fixing system which requires no fasteners to penetrate the product; truly, this profile has all the bases covered.” 

As does Lysaght, according the team at McBride Charles Ryan.  

“Once again Lysaght were at the forefront of technical excellence and we look forward to working with them in the future.”